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Our Methodist Young Adult Fellowship (MYAF) consists of three groups:

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UNITE (University Students / Graduates)

UNITE is a place for young adults who come from diverse study experiences and workplace, to grow closer to Christ while building friendships, and have a great time together!

Whether you are on a journey of discovering about God or strengthening your faith, we welcome you to join us.

SEEDS (Young Professionals)

We are SEEDS - a group of working professionals who are passionate about God, and striving to connect our Christian faith with our workplace.

We aim to provide a friendly and caring environment through weekly gathering for worship, Bible study, discussion, prayers, and meals together. We invite you to join us and to get to know us more.

HANNAH (Young Families with Kids)

HANNAH group is made up of families with very young kids. We aim to provide support and care for young families because we know what it is like to be mum and dad.

We are a community faithful to the Word of God, and we enjoy gathering to worship, to study Bible, to have meals together, and to pray for one another. We welcome you to join us.

We also meet as men and women groups separately each month for combined fellowship.

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