2022 Church Camp PROMO
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31 July

Walk and Bond

On the Last Saturday of Every Month - Starting at 8.15am.

Check out the CMC Website (Members Login) for location details.

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19-22 Sept

Youth Camp - Spark Spring Camp

Event Description:

Youth Camp is HERE! Our theme this year is the Simple Gospel, with our speaker Ps. Stephen Tan! Come for a time away from the world and bonding with friends as we strip it all back to the SIMPLE GOSPEL!

More Info and Registration here:


24-25 Sept

Children Character Holiday Camp

Time: 9am - 5pm ET

Location: Camberwell Methodist Church

Event Description:

A day camp over two days - fun times for year 1 to year 9 children of family and friends to learn about exciting characters from the Bible through story-telling, sing-a-longs, games, arts and crafts. There will be a special theatrical performance by the children about the adventures they discover on the second day of the camp.

Registration is open! To register, please use the CHAT box on the page or email to:


1. Your children's name and age

2. Return contact number

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Australian Red Cross Lifeblood

Book a donation at ‘Welcome to Lifeblood Teams'.

Make an appointment or learn about group donation (Ph: 131495)

7-10 Jan 2022

2022 Church Camp

Date and Time: 07 to 10 January 2022
Location: Philip Island

Event Description:

Camberwell Methodist Church Camp

Theme: Growing a Gospel Centred Family

Guest Speaker:

Brett Ryan (CEO of Focus on the Family, Australia)

Please keep these dates in your diaries as the registration QR is open from 18 July 2021.

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